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About Us

Locally Owned. Deaf-Led. Community Driven.

Led by a Deaf and a Hearing interpreter. Combined professional
experience leads the way for trusted access.


Keystone Interpreting Solutions

Keystone Interpreting Solutions is a Deaf-owned, woman-owned partnership of two nationally known Deaf and hearing interpreters with over thirty years of community-based interpreting experience and over ten years of developing, managing, and providing video remote interpreting services. Keystone Interpreting is based in Minnesota, Maryland, and New York and provides a variety of interpreting services. 

KIS understands that everything is interrelated. As a consumer, you will be able to count on our trusted access, through trusted relationships where you feel empowered to exercise your consumer choices within the Deaf community. Our values are our community values, and we strive to provide top notch interpreting services for all consumers. 


Meet the Keystone Interpreting Services Team!


Jimmy Beldon

Chief Operating Officer


Patty McCutcheon

Chief Executive Officer


Ronnie Zuchegno

New York Director


Michael Listman

Administrative Assistant / Staff Interpreter

Rachel Green

Rae Green

Staff Interpreter

Katie Ferrall

Katherine Ferrall

Staff Interpreter

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Anthony Love

Interpreter Specialist

Memberships and Partnerships

Keystone Interpreting Solutions is certified. KIS also proudly sponsored the first-ever conference for Deaf interpreters.

KIS of NY is affiliated with: